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Apr 8, 2011

Why you should use vector graphics

Vector Graphics are graphics that the computers render by using mathematical formulas. This allows the image to be scaled up many times without distortion, unlike raster graphics, which are made up of pixels. Due to their scalability, vector graphics are primarily used for logos, icons, map illustration, and image graphics. The format allows for vector images to be printed in any size, without any loss of resolution, from postage stamp size all the way up to billboard sized images. Bentzdesign Studios has been creating world class vector images for over 15 years, and is considered a leader in the field.

Is your logo working for you?

The logo visually represents a company – it defines its identity – its purpose. It is an integral part of a company’s brand strategy. Without a logo or brand identity it would be almost impossible for a consumer to identify one product or service from the next. A well defined brand identity/logo design will help any business or product in many ways. A few of the more important ones are listed below.

  • A well designed logo gives the company an established and professional feel. This increases the customers trust in the products or services the company offers.
  • A powerful logo image is very important. The vast majority of people can clearly recall images but have trouble remembering text. There is an old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The logo represents that picture and can be remembered and identified with greater ease than a thousand word thesis describing the company.
  • Logo graphics can bring about awareness of the products or services that your business offers, especially if the company name is not self-explanatory.
  • As the company grows, the consumer base stays loyal to the brand.
  • The brand value generated by well designed imagery can also be leveraged when selling stock in the company or the company itself for a higher perceived value than the actual value.

Bentzdesign Studio's logo portfolio

Apr 7, 2011

5 reasons to hire a professional graphic designer

Here are five reasons why any small business should consider hiring a professional graphic designer.


We've all seen business cards prepared on a home printer using perforated paper. What kind of impression do they leave? Customers associate these cheap, unprofessional looking cards and graphics with your business and the product and services you provide. So are your services and products cheap and unprofessional?

On the other hand, customers will associate professionally designed materials with high quality products and/or services. A business owner's commitment to professional design will also convey to the customer a sense of personal pride - that they care about their business and that they plan on staying in business for a long time.


There are thousands of advertisements that bombard you on a daily basis. The best way to cut through that advertising "noise" is to have professionally designed marketing materials. Materials that target and capture your specific audience's attention. And the best way to ensure this? Hire a professional graphic designer.


Most people think that doing things themselves will save money. In the world of printing, however, that usually isn't the case. Digital files for printing need to be prepared in a precise manner. If not, it will cost a lot more to fix the file for printing than it would to have simply hired a designer to do things in the first place.


You know your own job, and you probably do it well. A graphic designer is a professional, and they know what they do. So please, instead of fighting with programs that really can't do what you're trying to accomplish, and because that small piece of clip-art you downloaded off the internet looks funny when you print it, please, just hire a professional. They can turn your ideas into reality and usually in a short time.


There is no single program that can handle all the requirements needed to create quality marketing materials. But a professional designer has the knowledge and experience on how and when to use image editor, vector graphic and page layout programs. They know how to prepare and package any files for the final print job, so what ends up printed looks just like the digit proof.

With over twenty years experience, Bentzdesign Studios has helped hundreds of businesses both large and small. We have the talent, creativity, knowledge and experience to make any visual project a success. So look to Bentzdesign Studios for any future marketing needs.